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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

use:non-metal cutting

Cutting material: Acrylic,wood,paper,leather,cloth,organic glass,resin,wollens,plastic,rubber,ceramic tile,crystal,bamboo,bowlder.

Design highlights:

Products Descripition

Machine's Accessories:
1.DSP offline control system
2.USB port and USB cable                                                                                                              
3.Water chiller  and pipe
4.Air pump and pipe
5.Exhaust fan and pipe
7.Software dongle
8.Universal wheels(4)
9.1 lens and 3 mirrors

Applicable Industrial:
Cloth,Embroider,fabric toy,furniture,reticule,glove,bag,leather engraving and cutting,model advertising,decoration,electric product,rubber,acrylic product,middle density board and so on.                                                                       

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