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Vacuum lifter system

use:  load sheets for laser cutting machine 

load material: Stainless steel, Mild steel, Copper, Brass, Al, GI....

Design highlights:

◆ Very high efficiency loading system 
◆One operator can load metal sheets 

Products Descripition

BLA500-8-T Technical Configuration

1. BLA500-8-TFunctionRated attraction force 500KGSteel sheetcopper sheet etc

Main parts

A. Diameter 230mm Circular attraction chuckRated attraction force of each one 94KG  Quantity: 8With the buffer Bracket for double safety.

B. Denmark imported vacuum pump , dry without oil, 85% maximum vacuum, power 0.18 KW;

C. Italy OR two position Two-way slide valve.

D With pressure switchenergy accumulatordistribution boxalarm unitnon-return valveremote control

BZ-IMain parameters

Weight for crane500KG Rotate Radius(Arm length)4mlifting height3mlifting speed5/1.25m/minRunning speed14m/minRunning wayElectricRotate waymanualRotate angle270 degreeschainring chainlift control modedouble speed control

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